Katy Perry is just one of many celeb crystal fans

Mention crystals in a non-geological context and you might be met with, at best, a roll of the eyes, or a disparaging guffaw. Yep, it’s a sad fact that crystals often get a rather bad rap, mainly due to connotations with patchouli-drenched, tie-dye-toting types whose idea of interior decor is a Fimo fairie on a toadstool. And yet there doesn’t seem to be an A-Lister around that, if prompted, can’t regail you with their extensive knowledge of crystals and what each one does for them.

Take Katy Perry, who credits Queen Madge for introducing her to the healing powers of crystals which she turned to post-Russell Brand break-up (she apparently sleeps with a rose quartz in her hand) and also uses to attract new conquests. Victoria Beckham reveals she uses them as part of a ‘weird’ ritual before her fashion shows and here at IS we’ve noticed that every celebrity shoot we’ve been on recently has prompted a discussion about the hottest rocks on the block. And it’s not just celebrities jumping on the crystal bandwagon as the beauty industry has gotten in on the action too thanks to brands such as Kita Skincare and Sjal which both contain precious gemstones and crystals.

But can crystals really help mend a broken heart as well as make your mantelpiece look pretty? Advocates believe that they have the ability to channel energy in the body to improve mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

“Crystals have their own frequencies which means they have a natural ability to power and support energy fields,” says wellness guru and facialist to the stars Marie Reynolds. “This unique property is called ‘piezoelectricity’ and refers to the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid matters. Quartz Crystals for example are used not only holistically but also in industry for their vibrational qualities, energy and ability to hold heat. In the field of electronics Quartz is used with oscillators to power cell phones, computers, radios, video equipment and watches.” Not all Birkenstocks and brown rice then? “Absolutely not,” says Marie. “Crystals have always been at the core of ancient civilizations’ healing rituals – they’re definitely not some ‘new age’ fad.”

Stuck in the crystal maze? Marie has helped us to navigate which stones to add to your collection:
“For the novice I would start by looking at what colours you’re drawn to,” says Marie.

Confidence Boost

“Yellow/orange crystals link with power, confidence and the stomach meridian so any digestive issues would benefit. Go for something like Citrine or Carnelian.”


Positive Vibes

“For those wanting more confidence or protecting from those who drain you, (I call these people emotional vampires) then Hematite or Obsidian are great – I personally put these in my bra.”
Rose Quartz

Keep Calm And Carry On

“Rose Quartz is a nurturing stone, great for circulation or to bring a sense of calm where there is anxiety.”
Lapis Lazuli

Make Yourself Heard

“Lapis Lazuli is good for throat conditions so actors and public speakers would benefit from this stone.”

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“I have a Fluorite Octahedron crystal that I place in a glass of water as it gently raises the vibration of the water and is very detoxifying.”