Who's Your Daddy is about twin brothers Owen Wilson and Ed Helms finding out they may not know much about their real father.

The trailer goes like this.

So… here's a film that has a familar title and the kind of set up which might have starred Will Ferrell once upon a time. Maybe he's too old or maybe we've found a film that even he wasn't interested in.

It's pretty strange casting, even as fraternal twins (Wilson is five years older than Helms) and the presence of football player Terry Bradshaw in a main role makes it pretty clear that they're only going for an American audience. This trailer is also pretty light on laughs.

Still J.K. Simmons is always worth watching and Glenn Close is here for some reason. It's just a shame that non US audiences get to miss out on the amusingly on the nose local title of 'Bastards.'

Who's Your Daddy is in cinemas on the 6th of January, 2016. You probably won't even notice.