Great British Bake Off contestant Michael Georgiou has revealed he spent most of the year cooking with a bowl, a wooden spoon and a £5 electric mixer.

Michael, the youngest contestant in this year’s competition, studies Politics and Economics at Durham University.

Michael with Paul, Mary and Sue ( Mark Bourdillon/BBC)

He said his student housemates “definitely liked the eating part” of being involved in the Bake Off “as any student being offered free food will happily eat it”.

The 20-year-old told the Press Association: “Compared to baking at home, baking at uni was a struggle.

“For most of the year I only had a bowl, wooden spoon and a £5 electric whisk I bought from the shops, which made it challenging, but also meant I had to adapt.”

The class of 2016 (Mark Bourdillon/BBC)

He only applied to the show in the first place because his friends were going to do it for him.

“I never thought of applying before that. I only bake as a hobby at home for friends and family, and definitely not competitively,” he said.

The student, from London, said being the youngest “sort of made me the baby of the group”.

“I wouldn’t say it fazed me being the youngest as we all got on,” he said.

But he was still “really nervous” on the first day.

“Seeing the show on TV and then seeing the tent in real life was incredible,” he said. “I was just really excited to meet the judges and of course Mel and Sue!”

Michael added: “Having my bakes scrutinised by Paul (Hollywood) and Mary (Berry) was a scary experience at the start.

(Mark Bourdillon/BBC)

“They both know so much and know exactly what the bakes should taste like so any mistake they would pick up on.

“Paul is quite intimidating at the start, I would admit. When he stares at your work but says nothing you begin to wonder if you are doing it right or wrong!

“But they are both extremely nice and are a great laugh.”

Michael’s family are originally from Cyprus and he said he plans to watch the show with them.

He said: “Being Greek, your family is big and I am sure all my family are going to want to come round to see the show with me.

“They were always there to support me with everything, which I am very grateful for.”