You probably thought the Dab craze was over at this point, didn’t you? Well think again, as the dancing move made a return at England’s game against Malta – and not from England debutant and Dab enthusiast Jesse Lingard.

There is a "dab cam" at Wembley today.
What has the world come to..

— Football Funnys (@FootballFunnys) October 8, 2016

There's now a "dab cam" at Wembley. Just no. 🙈

— Alice Hedworth (@AliceHedworth) October 8, 2016

That’s right. Organisers at Wembley Stadium, clearly seeing the national team’s plight following manager Sam Allardyce’s shock departure, felt there was only one way to cheer up fans of English football – the Dab cam.

It’s fair to say the idea hasn’t gone down well.

Dab Cam. Whoever came up with that idea needs to be sacked from their job

— Matty (@Matty_Craig98) October 8, 2016

Right lads,as usual the football won't entertain the crowd,what can we do to entertain them?🤔oh I I know "a DAB CAM"

— Numero1 ▪️▫️ (@HitmanHernandez) October 8, 2016

As if "Kiss-cam" and "Bongo-cam" were not bad enough – we've just had "Dab-cam" at Wembley – some adults were even involved.

— Phil McNulty (@philmcnulty) October 8, 2016

A dab cam at Wembley? I think the FA are just rolling with the laughing stock title now. Cringeworthy. #ENGMAL

— Matthew Doherty (@16MDoherty) October 8, 2016

Dab cam ….. #ENGMAL #eng

— Mark Archer (@markarcher900) October 8, 2016

Honestly, dab cam 😂😂😂 how bad can England actually get?

— Dan (@Dan_Turner_93) October 8, 2016

The camera, which to completely clarify, is there to encourage supporters in the stands to perform the dance move, made some even want to switch allegiances…

The dabcam is the reason why I'm supporting Malta today

— Dets (@ModouBxrrow) October 8, 2016