Kim Kardashian was years away from stardom when she graduated from middle school back in 1994, but it seems she was camera ready.

The selfie-loving celeb has shared some sweet home footage of herself leaving school at 13, in which she is as happy and poised in front of the lens as she is now.

In fact the only real difference between teen Kim and 35-year-old Kim might be that back then she was sporting a sleek bob, rather than the long tresses she has now. Oh, and the neckline of her clothes of course.


— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) August 15, 2016

Kim is seen with her late dad Robert Kardashian in the clip, and he teases her by saying: “She got all the awards – they just forgot to say her name!”

Undeterred, a smiling Kim responds: “I graduated and I’m happy.”

The rest of the now famous family can also be seen in the full video, which Kim has posted on her website.