James Corden should be advised to stick to the day job after an Apple Music advertisement has shown him pitching terrible ideas to a room full of executives.

The comedian and talk show host starts off badly, suggesting: “Here’s your commercial. What if I’m giving birth to Justin Bieber who’s giving birth to Anthony Kiedis who’s giving birth to a phone?”

The executives are unimpressed with James Corden’s ideas (Apple/YouTube)

But when that goes down like a lead balloon, the British Late Late Show presenter tries a different tack: “Wait, what about this – me as every iconic music star in history. Bam! I’m Bowie. I’m Slash. I’m the Spice Girls! I’m Pharrell!”

James Corden as David Bowie (Apple/YouTube)

James thinks he has finally hit on a great idea when he is inspired by the idea of “40 million songs”.

“Picture this,” he said. “I’m stood on the edge of the ocean. I dive head-first into the water. But I’m surrounded by… wait for it… 40 million apples.”

James Corden surrounded by apples (Apple/YouTube)


Watch the full video here:

It has recently been confirmed that a standalone Carpool Karaoke is heading for Apple Music – but likely without James as host.