The horror genre continues to be popular for a whole mess of reasons but it all comes down to two main things – audiences like to be scared and studios like to make money from those scares.

There are situations where more artistry is involved, beyond the mixture of a low budget and some expendable stars, and one very fine example of that is Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. Even if he was making a genre film, Kubrick would make certain it was one you were never going to forget.

The Shining has a new trailer for 2016 because the movie is back in cinemas in the UK for this Haloween, and it's a pretty masterful promo.

It's not really clear why the film needed a new trailer- those visuals are some of the best known in film history – but this short piece does manage to capture the sense of unease which is really what makes The Shining so scary. There are few enough jumps or truly horrifying moments in the picture, it's more about the wide lenses, the long shots and the gathering dread of the Overlook Hotel.

If you've never seen it, nows your chance on the big screen.