Justin Bieber hit the stage for a second night at V Festival and it seems he brought some weird chat with him.

The Sorry star performed at the Staffordshire site after his set at the Essex location on Saturday and it seems he had food on his mind.

So Justin is eating pop tarts on stage and is questioning why people microwave them. Lol, I agree.

— Justin Bieber Fan (@RespectJustinB) August 21, 2016

Justin read the instructions to pop tarts to the crowd. He's so weird & cute. Why cant he be my friend. ill read food instructions with him.

— Justin Bieber Fan (@RespectJustinB) August 21, 2016

Didn't pay £200 to watch Justin Bieber read out the instructions on the back of a pop tart packet

— Hannah Baker (@HanBaker_) August 21, 2016

Did I really stand in the freezing cold for hours just to watch Justin bieber mime and talk about pop tarts?😕

— Briony (@brionydaviid) August 21, 2016

What's pop tarts gotta do with anything he's so random lmaooooooo

— Justin Bieber (@JustinSlayedYaa) August 21, 2016

On Saturday night Biebs was accused of miming after he admitted he was “a little hungover” after a night of partying in London.

Fans seemed equally irked after his Sunday set. What is going on Justin?!