Tonight is the last of the X Factor small room auditions, and didn’t Kirsty Murphy know it.

Kirsty wanted to grab her chance (Thames/Syco Entertainment)

During another hopeful act’s try out, the 21-year-old dance teacher came barging into the room to make sure her voice got heard by the judges, as she was panicked by the news that they might not have time to see her.

Well the security isnt up2 much is it on #XFactor

— chloe stewart (@ceewhyess) September 17, 2016

There were cries of a stage-managed stunt.

X factor is sooo set up 🙅🏽

— Stormy (@PaytenPhillips) September 17, 2016

Another completely unscripted moment. *rolls eyes* #XFactor

— Lorelei King (@LoreleiKing) September 17, 2016

Staged drama klaxon #xfactor

— A-Hoes (@AxelHoes) September 17, 2016

Although some viewers thought it was simply bad manners.

You cant just run in uninvited F OFF #XFactor

— J_mes (@jameseonline) September 17, 2016

nah that was bare rude 😂 #XFactor

— shanice (@_itsneicey) September 17, 2016

#XFactor2016 I feel sorry for those girls about to audition. But I suppose it's dog eat dog in the X Factor.

— joan treacy (@joanmacl) September 17, 2016

Is that girl for real? You can't just interrupt someone's audition 😂😂 #XFactor #XFactor2016

— Dan Baynham [PB] (@Dan_Baynham95) September 17, 2016

Whatever you think about whether Kirsty should have done it, she certainly got what she wanted – she’ll be heading to bootcamp, which begins tomorrow night on ITV.