Louise Thompson invited her new personal trainer boyfriend Ryan to join the Made In Chelsea gang in the south of France and people had a lot of things to say about it.

That back? That front! 👀 #MiCSOF pic.twitter.com/ds01nDKh5p

— Made in Chelsea (@E4Chelsea) August 15, 2016

First off, he’s massive.

I am choking at the height difference between Louise and Ryan #MadeInChelsea #MiCSOF

— candice (@cgre) August 15, 2016

As if Louise's new guy wants to be seen looking liek he is babysitting.Using her for air time! #micsof #mic #madeinchelsea

— Caroline (@carolineb8871) August 15, 2016

oh my god! louise's bf looks like a bond hencheman or a really jacked up Julian Smith or a highschool jock called Biff #noAlmanac #MiCSOF

— YM (@Y0m0) August 15, 2016

Secondly, that was quick (two weeks to be precise).

Well Louise you didn't waste any time did you. #judgingfaceon #MadeInChelsea

— Becca (@beccaisanewt) August 15, 2016

How has Louise got a new fella already???? 😳 #mic #MadeInChelsea

— LAUROO (@laurooroo) August 15, 2016

Louise has moved on fast ! 🤔😂 #MiCSOF

— Jane Macartney (@janelouisemac1) August 15, 2016

Thirdly, what about Alik?

Lmao, are we going to find out that Louise got with Ryan before she officially broke up with Alik? 🤔 #MadeInChelsea #MiCSOF

— candice (@cgre) August 15, 2016

Louise is an idiot! alik was the sweetest Wrong move, wrong move #MadeInChelsea

— Bhavna (@Bhavnasaur) August 15, 2016

Hold the phone, Louise left you for a guy call Ryan?? Omg you are way better and better off without her @alikalfus ❤ #MadeInChelsea

— ©TAITY®™ (@TAITYTREACLE) August 15, 2016

Also, what about men in general?

OMG last week Louise was seeing Woody the cowboy and this week she's seeing Action Man I can't keep up 😁 #MadeInChelsea

— Michelle Blanden (@Leachy76) August 15, 2016

Louise doesn't want a relationship or any form of commitment. Why doesn't she just admit it? #MadeInChelsea #MiCSOF

— Marissa AFC (@marissatom16) August 15, 2016

Oh Louise! Stop dragging Alec along if you obviously want everyone else.. #MIC #madeinchelsea

— Rebecca Ault (@Rebeccaohare93) August 15, 2016

But next week’s clip shows Alik meeting with Louise and talking about marriage – what is going to happen?!


— Ashleigh (@Ashleigh_T21) August 15, 2016