Prince Albert continues to blow hot and cold with Victoria in the ITV period drama – being incredibly blunt and serious one minute then appearing all romantic the next – but his latest striking move has certainly divided viewers.

Oh my goodness! My heart is pounding! The romance!He ripped his shirt to hold her corsage! 😍😳😱#Victoria @UTVIreland

— Creative Yoke Blog (@Creativeyoke) September 11, 2016

When the pair were dancing, he ripped the chest of his shirt with a knife to place Victoria’s corsage there so he could keep it close to his heart.


Some people thought that was exceptionally creepy thing to do.

That whole cutting open the shirt thing. Creepy. 😐 #VictoriaITV #Victoria

— Dan Neilson (@danneilson29) September 11, 2016

Oo-er, Prince Albert brandishing a knife during a dance and slitting his shirt open, that's not at all creepy, is it? #Victoria

— Erica James (@TheEricaJames) September 11, 2016

Whoa, that's some intense ish there. Dude cuts his shirt with a pocket knife for a corsage flower mid dance #Victoria

— Komal J. Verma (@Komibear) September 11, 2016

And also totally unnecessary.

Perfectly good shirt ruined, if I was his valet id be livid!! #Victoria

— Lisa Hurst (@LisaDHurst) September 11, 2016

Perfectly good shirt ruined, wardrobe mistress gonna have words with Albert😂#VictoriaITV #Victoria

— Andrew Tasker (@CourierBoyUK) September 11, 2016

But for other viewers, it got them all flustered and excited.

When he cuts a whole in his shirt for you 😍😍😍 #relationshipgoals #Victoria 😂😂😂

— Neave O'B (@neavieao) September 11, 2016

When he cut open his shirt 😍 swoooooon #Victoria

— Mrs Laura Lawson (@lolrarocks) September 11, 2016

Oh Albert, the shirt cutting was 👌🏼 #Victoria

— Samantha Watt (@SamanthaW_1981) September 11, 2016

"Hey girl, I'm gonna rip open my shirt, make you quiver and put that flower next to my heart, where you could earn a place.." 😂 #Victoria

— Katy Forrester (@mirrorkaty) September 11, 2016

omg Albert has some MOVES "girl I fancy you so much I'm going to cut open my shirt and put that flower next to my HEART" #Victoria

— i. (@_slatternly) September 11, 2016

No one’s missing Poldark on the other channel too much, it seems.

Who needs Poldark when you've got Prince Albert literally tearing his shirt open so he can pop on a corsage #Victoria

— Karen Price (@karenmediawales) September 11, 2016