EastEnders actress Natalie Cassidy is heavily pregnant with her second child. Her character Sonia Fowler isn’t.

But viewers were left questioning if there’d been a sudden plot change when she appeared in Tuesday night’s episode.

Is Sonia pregnant? @Nat_Cassidy #EastEnders pic.twitter.com/NHvZbzuYCA

— Aaron (@Azza_Loves_It) August 23, 2016

Many were left bemused that soap bosses had given up on trying to hide it.

Could Sonia be shoved any further in that corner? We know she's pregnant #EastEnders

— ELIZ@BETH (@Bettys_Briefs) August 23, 2016

It would appear that #EastEnders are not even trying to hide Sonia & Linda 's large baby bumps @tayhils #NOBIGHANDBAGS

— Mrs C (@samanthaclemans) August 23, 2016

Sonia is proper showing and they didn't make an attempt to hid it#EastEnders

— Melvin (@MTKigz) August 23, 2016

Sonia don't look preggers at all🤔😂 #Eastenders

— Leah♡ (@KellieBFan) August 23, 2016

I take it #eastenders are just pretending like Sonia/Natalie Cassidy isn't actually pregnant 😂

— Amy (@amy1189) August 23, 2016

They haven't done a good job of Hiding Natalie Cassidy's pregnancy on #EastEnders. It won't be a surprise this time, Love!

— Archie G Hancock (@AGHancock494) August 23, 2016

To clarify, 33-year-old Natalie is pregnant, Sonia is not.

Natalie is due later this summer; it’s her first with cameraman beau Marc Humphreys, after she gave birth to a daughter Eliza with ex-fiance Adam Cottrell.