The first episode of National Treasure was a huge hit with critics and viewers alike – but there were raised eyebrows all round at what followed it on Channel 4.

Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters in National Treasure (Channel 4)

Straight afterwards was the programme It Was Alright In The 1970s. Although the programme shines a light on outdated views, some couldn’t help pointing out that the title was somewhat unfortunate in the circumstances.

Thoroughly enjoying #NationalTreasure on Channel 4, but scheduling seems a bit inappropriate after it.

— Jamie Davies (@jamiedavies1804) September 20, 2016

It was, they pointed out, awkward given the association between 70s TV and the historic sex crimes of Jimmy Savile.

Good scheduling from channel 4 after #NationalTreasure

— Em (@em_a82) September 20, 2016

#NationalTreasure followed by 'It Was Alright In The 1970s'. Awkward programme scheduling #amiright

— Alice Coulson (@AliceTVCasting) September 20, 2016

It was alright in the 70's….
Bad scheduling there. Might as well just have shown best of top of the pops…#NationalTreasure

— Gemma Pudney (@gvpud) September 20, 2016

Robbie Coltrane as Paul Finchley (Channel 4)

The title left some uncomfortable.

Am I reading too much into Channel 4's scheduling off "It Was Alright in the 1970's" right after #NationalTreasure ?

— Mark Godfrey (@hand0fgodfrey) September 20, 2016

#NationalTreasure absolutely superb drama. Not entirely sure putting 'It was alright in the 70s' on after was a good scheduling though 🙈

— James King (@Jaek8) September 20, 2016

Great scheduling Channel 4!#NationalTreasure followed by a show called 'It was alright in the 70s'…

— Angelo Marcos (@theangelomarcos) September 20, 2016

Robbie Coltrane in National Treasure (Channel 4)

And some felt the decision was disappointing.

#NationalTreasure brilliant casting and production. Strange scheduling by C4… It Was alright in the 70's…really??

— sharon burgess (@sha_burgess) September 20, 2016

That is some scheduling @Channel4. A show about a yewtree sex offender then a show called "it was alright in the 70s". #nationaltreasure

— Chris (@spinlighter) September 20, 2016

Someone in scheduling at Channel 4 is having a right laugh putting It Was Alright In The 70's on after #NationalTreasure?!

— Laura Casewell (@CasewellEditor) September 20, 2016

Questionable scheduling @Channel4 .#NationalTreasure followed by It Was Alright the 70s

— Emily Benson (@emilyrbens) September 20, 2016

@Kristenhobnob @Channel4 This scheduling would actually be darkly funny if it wasn't such an #EpicFail #NationalTreasure

— Stevie Lawrence (@Jimbobbunny) September 20, 2016

Channel 4 has been contacted for comment.