Jenna Coleman has already won us all over as the young queen on Victoria, and now it is Rufus Sewell’s turn for a bit of Twitter love.

The actor’s performance as Lord Melbourne in the ITV drama is certainly igniting – and fuelling – a few crushes.

Just caught up with fab #Victoria 👑
*shallow female comment alert* Rufus Sewell…still ridiculously handsome, he's like a fine wine 😙

— Peggy (@Eliza_Igraine) August 29, 2016

Does anyone else not want Albert to come into the picture in #Victoria ??? I want gorgeous Rufus Sewell to win her heart!

— Francesca (@FrankieTansley1) August 29, 2016

Rufus Sewell is a beautiful human being & an incredible actor. Love everything he's ever done #Victoria

— Lydia Jane (@LydiaJane13) August 29, 2016

Rufus Sewell's cheekbones appreciation tweet. #Victoria

— Ellen♡ (@teaspoonofsugar) August 29, 2016

Rufus Sewell is just a little bit better than everyone else in this #Victoria

— Elena Morgan (@ElenaM52) August 29, 2016

@Johooper5 #Victoria – if I didn't love Rufus Sewell before,(and Reader, I truly did), I do now..❤️

— Jo hooper (@Johooper5) August 29, 2016

OK, finally getting the Rufus Sewell thing. Not just a brilliant actor. #Victoria

— dee harvey (@deeharvey) August 29, 2016

#RufusSewell dead gorgeous #Victoria @ITV

— mighty midget (@ramsgatonian) August 29, 2016

One fan even suggested he was better than Colin Firth as Mr Darcy!

So, Rufus Sewell may have trumped Colin Firth as my fave period drama watch #Victoria

— Paula Doherty (@PaulaDoherty864) August 29, 2016

High praise indeed.