Kubo and the Two Strings is out in Irish cinemas next week but you can get a sneak peek at how these films are put together in this new video.

Kubo is made by Laika, one of the few studios in the world still practising the ancient art of stop motion. These pictures are put together a frame at a time over years, with animators working on every detail of these physically created heads and bodies and fantastical creatures to bring them to life for audiences.

It's the very definition of a painstaking process, and hard to capture in any form but time-lapse. Here you get to see long hours flit by in seconds, and also understand how these lifeless puppets are brought to fluid life. It really is a magical process.

It's breaking down a film into its building blocks of single frames and building it back up as a work of art. There's something wonderful about taking physical objects and animating them in this way, whether it's the play of real light on their faces or the many different techniques which are required to recreat elements we take for granted in live action.

Really it's an incredible feat of filmmaking, so it's all the more impressive that Kubo is also a wonderful animated feature complete with a strange story, beautiful themes and fun performances from a cast including Charlize Theron, Ralph Fiennes and Matthew McConaughey.

See it in cinemas in Ireland on the 9th of September, 2016.