Michael Fassbender is the lead in the new Assassin's Creed movie and he's the kind of performer who likes doing his own stunts. Expect when they involve actually jumping from a platform 125 feet in the air.

That's where Damien Walters comes in. Here are folks from the production trying to make jumping off something 125 feet above the desert sound like a good idea.

That's pretty crazy stuff, but also good to see. While most of the scene will be created digitally around the character it means that they have the actual jump and fall with a real life person. Poor CG is most often obvious in the human characters so that touch of reality will be a great help.

It's also interesting because it pretty much proves that jumping into those hay bales over all those years in Assassin's Creed games is perfectly safe. Or potentially not. Don't try this at home.

Assassin's Creed is out in Ireland on the 6th of January, 2017.