It’s been a tough season for Sunderland’s players. Actually, who are we kidding? It’s been a tough few seasons for Sunderland’s players. But Victor Anichebe is having a harder time than most.

The Black Cats striker had clearly been advised by an agent or PR to tweet something uplifting for all the Mackems fans pulling out their hair, with their team yet to win in the league this season.

And to his credit Anichebe followed the instructions to a tee. Only, he forgot to remove the instructions from his tweet.

Victor Anichebe playing a little too fast and loose with the old copy and paste.

— VAVEL UK (@VAVEL) October 23, 2016

The tweet was swiftly deleted and, given the attention it received in the short time it was up, the Nigerian international seemingly decided against re-posting it.

Given the state of Sunderland over the past few seasons, fans probably won’t be too fussed by the blunder and will instead be more concerned about where their first win will come from.

Still, it will give everyone pause the next time their team loses and a similar tweet surfaces from one of the players…

Can you tweet something like
I've just completely ruined Twitter for me and possibly every other footballer around

— Tom (@ToonTomm) October 23, 2016