Usain Bolt became the first person in history to win the 100-metres at three separate Olympics when he recovered from a bad start to finish the race in pole position 9.81 seconds later.

Before the race his parents, Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt, spoke to the BBC about what Bolt was like as a child.

“As a boy he was very jovial, playful. He gave a little bit of problems now and then but nothing out of the ordinary that a child would not do,” said Wellesley.

(Bebeto Matthews/AP)

His mum Jennifer said: “In his early days he would cry because he doesn’t like to lose.”

Mr and Mrs Bolt also spoke about their son financing their travels – “We make the decision where we want to go and he finances it” – but it was one particularly relatable quote from Jennifer that received a lot of attention.

Just know that even when you are literally the greatest athlete alive your West Indian parents won't be impressed.

— Donny Bruckshot (@DonScottMusic) August 13, 2016