Manchester United could have been forgiven for thinking their game against Stoke City would be a walkover, considering the side was residing at the bottom of the Premier League table before the game.

However, United only took one point from the encounter against the Potters for a final score of 1-1, thanks to a heroic effort by Stoke goalkeeper Lee Grant.

United should have guessed Stoke players were bringing their A game, when Xherdan Shaqiri performed a devastating nutmeg on United’s Chris Smalling.

#MUNSTK #Shaqiri #Nutmeg #Smalling

— FootyRoom (@footyroom) October 2, 2016

Smalling autopsy report………Cause of death Nutmeg…..Suspect Shaqiri…..Witness Bailly RIP Smalling #MUNSTK #MUFC @TrollFootball

— Pablo Escobar (@ba_tahirOG) October 2, 2016

Omg! That Shaqiri nutmeg on #Smalling. That should be against the law. #MUNSTK

— ✈BONG🐘 (@AFRICANlSM) October 2, 2016

😱😱😱😱😱 Smalling got sent to the shops by shaqiri with no money #nutmeg 😂😂😂😂😂 #mufc #MUNSTK

— mathias zaranyika (@mattazz77) October 2, 2016

Those hips were more Shakira than Shaqiri as he danced past a confused-looking Smalling.

Shaqiri made Smalling lie with his hips 🙈🙈😓😓 #MUFC #MUNSTK #btsport

— Ehmedê Xanî (@KurdSeT) October 2, 2016

It’s a shame he fell over and couldn’t finish the glorious move.

People saying shaqiri ended smalling…smalling got the ball and shaqiri dived so shaqiri should be the one getting slated #MUNSTK

— Andy Robinson (@andy_robbo95) October 2, 2016

Shaqiri’s glory didn’t last too long, as he was blamed by some online for Stoke conceding a goal in the 70th minute, moments after Mourinho subbed on Rooney and Martial on for Lingard and Mataas.

Shaqiri tries to nutmeg Pogba, gives the ball away, and United score. Totally unnecessary. #MUNSTK

— Ganesh Mukundan (@ganztotti) October 2, 2016

Shaqiri is too bothered about nut-megging people than actually being a good footballer. #MUNSTK

— Jack (@JSU1993) October 2, 2016

That's totally on Shaqiri giving the ball away. #MUNSTK

— Ira Alif Syabil (@liverpool_98) October 2, 2016

Hughes really needs to grill Shaqiri for his role in that goal. What was he doing. Superb finish from Martial though. #MUNSTK

— Taha Anis (@Taha_Anis) October 2, 2016

Success is a rollercoaster folks, you can be celebrated one moment and vilified the next.

As it happens, this rollercoaster had one more soaring high as a late goal from Stoke’s Joe Allen in the 83rd minute secured a draw.

FT: MUFC 1-1 Stoke #MUNSTK

— M.A.J (@UItraSuristic) October 2, 2016

Big fan of feeling good after Stoke play a game of football.

— Elliot Hackney (@ElliotHackney) October 2, 2016

This will ensure Shaqiri’s blunder is probably forgotten by fans as Stoke lift themselves off the bottom of the table.