Twitter has released its top trending topics from 2016. According to the microblogging site, the most tweeted about topic of the year worldwide was the Rio Olympics. Next on the list was the hotly contested U.S. presidential election, which saw Republican Donald Trump defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton. The third most popular topic was the virtual reality game Pokemon Go, Twitter said. At number four on the list was the Euro2016 soccer tournament, which saw Portugal take the title. Rounding out the top five was the Oscars, which saw the movie "Spotlight" named best picture. Twitter also released the most popular tweets from around the world, including the simple “Limonada” (lemonade) tweet from a Spanish gamer known as elrubius. A post election tweet from Hillary Clinton was third on that list. In the tweet, she called on little girls to pursue their dreams. While popular among some, Twitter has been facing headwinds, forcing layoffs and seeing the stock price tumble. In response, the company has has rolled out some changes to its service, including tweaking the 140-character limit. Still, the company has seen its user base shrink as it struggles against social media giants Facebook and Snapchat.