Tuesday night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother saw Heavy D evicted from the house, but fans of the show were focusing their attentions on Aubrey O’Day on Twitter.

The US star, formerly of girl group Danity Kane, was seen questioning Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson about their romance in the house, and strongly hinted that she thinks it’s a bit of a showmance.

Speaking to fellow housemates Katie Waissel and Renee Graziano, she also mentioned that Towie star Lewis had told her of another girl when they first entered the house over two weeks ago.

Lewis Bloor and Marnie Simpson in the Celebrity Big Brother house (Channel 5)

As Katie and Renee reacted in surprise, Marnie looked more than a little bit awkward.

When the Geordie Shore star asked her TV beau if he is seeing someone else outside of the house, he appeared to become stressed as he said: “No, I’m not seeing anyone babe.”

Aubrey: "There's a girl…"
Katie: "There's a girl!?"
Renee: "There's a girl!?"
Marnie: 😳😳😳 #CBB

— Big Brother UK (@bbuk) August 16, 2016

Aubrey bombarding Lewis & Marnie with questions Lewis went off uncomfortable then she dropped a bombshell lol #CBB

— Heather (@Hevernly) August 16, 2016

Lewis and Marnie when Aubrey started asking questions they didn't rehearse with their agent #CBB pic.twitter.com/Dc9v5o1sxB

— Claire (@perrieschick) August 16, 2016

Aubrey not holding back – she's sussed the Marnie/Lewis fauxmance and NOT LETTING GO! #cbb

— Jo Hemmings (@TVpsychologist) August 16, 2016

Aubrey havin' a good stir…#CBB pic.twitter.com/BW1fKZV8MJ

— SPIN 1038 (@spin1038) August 16, 2016

Aubrey! You queen!!!! If you love each other, you talk about those things @MarnieGShore & Lewis. #cbb

— Georgina Leigh (@georgina_leighc) August 16, 2016

Lewis and Marnie when Aubrey put their showmance on blast #CBB pic.twitter.com/TLV4agriMf

— Behlul (@behlul_official) August 16, 2016

Aubrey has rattled the showmance… Lewis and Marnie haven't thought about their future unless it involves Heat megazine #cbb

— shane telford. (@MrShaneTelford) August 16, 2016

Aubrey is going INNNN 😂😂 #CBB

— AISLEYNE (@Aisleyne1) August 16, 2016

Lewis and Marnie have been getting incredibly close while in the house, with the pair indulging in steamy showers together and also talking about pursuing their romance in the real world.

Aubrey just ruined Lewis and Marnie's 3 month relationship sponsored by OK! magazine and I am living #cbb

— KING (@rosslohan) August 16, 2016

Well it's obvious Lewis doesn't really want this thing with Marnie out the house with Aubrey's questions! #CBB

— Nadine Ross (@naaadz_) August 16, 2016

Fans of the show also loved Aubrey’s take-down of Heavy D before he left the house, after he failed to call her by her real name once again.

She snapped: “You should learn the names of people that have careers bigger than you!”


Brutal putdown from Amber… we mean, @aubreyoday #CBB https://t.co/FvcvpspGvy

— Big Brother UK (@bbuk) August 16, 2016

AUBREY tho."You should remember the names of people w/bigger careers than u" #CBB @AubreyODaysArmy #BOOM 🙊👊🏼👏🏼🎤drop pic.twitter.com/G9KGSPiGIs

— Tiffany Day (@CBBTiffanyDay) August 16, 2016

Yes Aubrey keep on telling Heavy D the truth! #CBB #CBBAubrey

— Griffin Young (@GriffDillYoung) August 16, 2016

Aubrey to Heavy D: You should learn the name of those who have a bigger career then you!!!!!! #CBB pic.twitter.com/DwQtCEYLyC

— MissFit Harley (@MissfitHarley) August 16, 2016

Omg heavy d you just got burned by aubrey!!! #CBB

— tom (@thomasvernon89) August 16, 2016

Omg Aubrey!! Finally someone told Heavy D!! 😂😂😂😭 #CBB #CBBUK

— Caitlin (@CaitlinHankey) August 16, 2016