The craic was mighty last night in Copper Face Jacks where RTE stars Ryan Tubridy, Al Porter enjoyed some social drinks with some of Ireland's Olympians after their appearance of The Late Late Show.

Rowers Gary and Paul O'Donovan, sailer Annalise Murphy and boxer Michael Conlan partied into the wee hours of the morning at the popular Dublin nightclub, with Al Porter taking a few messy photos as evidence.

The gang enjoyed some champagne which Gary had given a good shake before opening!

No doubt a fine night was had by all as the charming Skibbereen rowers looked to be in fine form and Tubs looks to be enjoying the night immensely.

With so much charisma in one group we are sure the witty one-liners were flowing as freely as the champagne all night with this crowd of jokers.

It is nice to see Ireland's top athletes enjoying some down time after the gruelling schedule that got them to the Olympics in Rio.

We reckon there are a few sore heads around Dublin this morning after last night's festivities.

A pint of water and a fry for soakage should do the trick lads!