Donald Trump's victory in the U.S. presidential election sparked a drastic plunge in stock prices on global markets, weakened the U.S. dollar, and pushed down oil prices. European stock indexes were down as much as 2.7 percent early Wednesday, but those losses moderated in later trading.In Asia, Japan's NIKKEI lost nearly 5.4 percent, while Hong Kong's Hang Seng was down more than 2.3 percent.Many traders moved money into safe haven investments like gold. The price of the precious metal rose 3.7 percent. In Bangkok, Vikas Kawatra, of SCB Securities tells VOA's Ron Corben the downturn highlighted uncertainties about Trump's promises to deregulate business and make drastic changes in trade policies. However, billionaire investor and Trump supporter Carl Icahn tells the Wall Street Journal that Trump plans to cut regulations and that will help business grow over the long term. Other analysts in New York tell VOA's Jill Malandrino reduced regulation could be particularly helpful to the oil drilling and banking sectors. But they also say Trump's restrictive trade policies could hurt overseas revenue for multinational companies. Jim Malandrino contributed to this report.