There was one competitor that out-dived everyone else in the women’s 10m platform final in Rio, and went on to claim the gold medal.

And no one can quite believe it, because China’s Ren Qian is only 15 years old. Yep, she was literally born in (wait for it) 2001.

A 15 year old just won an Olympic Gold medal.
She was born in 2001!!
Is this for REAL?? #Olympics #diving

— Polly James (@PollyJames) August 18, 2016

She definitely proves that age is no barrier – as the commentator said, she gave us all a diving masterclass. Well, you know, if you have any idea how diving works, that is.

15 years old and winning an Olympic gold medal 😳😳😳😳 #gold #China #diving

— adam wallhead. (@Wallhead91) August 18, 2016

15 year old making #diving look so easy! #Rio2016 #CHN #Gold

— Alex James Owens (@AlexJamesOwens) August 18, 2016

how do you even win a gold medal when you're 15 years old #RioOlympics2016 #diving

— Lauren (@sportsgirl_37) August 18, 2016

So a 15 year old just won a gold medal 👀 Ridiculous 🏅 #Diving #Olympics #Rio2016

— Lloyd O'Neill (@lloydoneill1989) August 18, 2016

15yrs old and an Olympic Gold medalist. Just astounding. #diving #Rio2016

— Torie (@MrsVGooden) August 18, 2016

Of course it led to lots of “when I was 15…” tweets.

A 15 year old won the #diving in #Rio2016? Amazing!
At 15 I could barely answer the house phone without dying of embarrassment.

— Alison (@mumofchaos3) August 18, 2016

When I was 15 I was drinking cider on the park and wearing a GAP jumper with Reebok doubles going on the back of Squids scooter…#diving

— Soph (@sophsays87) August 18, 2016

A 15 year old is about to win a gold medal, I couldn't put my trunks on the right way round when I was 15 Jesus hats off #Olympics #diving

— Tom (@tomwilliams24) August 18, 2016

Yep, just like when 16-year-old Amy Tinkler won bronze for Team GB in gymnastics in Rio, Ren Qian winning at 15 has made us all question our life choices.

15 year old Chinese girl looks like she going to win the diving.. I'm 26 and can't even swim properly #smh #Olympics #diving

— Nik (@kalia_1989) August 18, 2016

15 years old and she just won a gold medal… I really am contemplating what I'm doing with my life #Diving

— naomi (@jasparsjoly) August 18, 2016