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This athlete had an emotional moment at the Olympics opening ceremony and melted everyone’s hearts

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An Olympic athlete became a bit emotional while taking part in the 2016 opening ceremony in Rio.

Bolivian swimmer Jose Quintanilla burst into tears at the sight of the audience cheering as he and his teammates walked out into the Maracana Stadium .

Vea el momento emotivo protagonizado por el nadador José Quintanilla en el ingreso al acto inaugural de #Rio2016 pic.twitter.com/R6KCJ77xR6

— Agencia Fides (ANF) (@noticiasfides) August 6, 2016

After watching him genuinely overcome with emotion, the internet cried with him…

Aw what a proud moving moment to see the Bolivian athlete over joyed with tears😢🇧🇴 #OpeningCeremony #Bolivia pic.twitter.com/ZL59FAoJKa

— Paola Zambrana (@Fabbyta1) August 6, 2016

Awww, the kid from Bolivia that is crying. <3 <3 <3 #OpeningCeremony

— Jerklord Cromwell (@iamjerklord) August 6, 2016

Aww that guy from Bolivia crying. 😭 You just gave me the feels bruh! #OpeningCeremony

— Laura Neuzeth (@LauraNeuzeth) August 6, 2016

Yes Mr. Bolivia. You're in the Olympics! #OpeningCeremony

— danie d (@danie_d) August 6, 2016

Awww bless Bolivia baby’s heart #OpeningCeremony #Rio2016

— lesliecamille (@Hautemommie) August 6, 2016

I feel you, verklempt Bolivian athletes. I feel you. #ParadeofNations #OpeningCeremony #olympicsmakemecrytoo pic.twitter.com/T1ECgFvVKE

— Shannan Ball Younger (@ShannanYounger) August 6, 2016

This Bolivian athlete in tears has me in my feelings right now. So much emotion! #OpeningCeremony

— Trenise Ferreira (@TreniseFerreira) August 6, 2016

Oh my gosh. The guy from Bolivia who was crying. 😭😭😭😭 #allthefeels #OpeningCeremony #Rio2016

— Lizette (@lizalicea05) August 6, 2016

Loving the raw emotion from this #Bolivian athlete! #OpeningCeremony #RioOlympics2016

— Rosellen Downey (@olympicsource) August 6, 2016

We feel you Quintanilla.

Anyone else feel like this when they saw the crying kid from Bolivia? #OpeningCeremony pic.twitter.com/avgUsl5kGQ

— Connie Cavallo (@CoCavallo) August 6, 2016

The Bolivian athlete crying as he walked in. WE. FEEL. YOU. #OpeningCeremony pic.twitter.com/VeChjdUdDN

— Mic (@mic) August 6, 2016

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