Thierry Henry has been appointed assistant manager of Belgium.

In a move that made us all have to stop for a second and check if we were playing Football Manager or just getting on with our normal lives, the Frenchman and Arsenal legend has joined Roberto Martinez’s coaching staff.

Honoured to be assistant coach @BelRedDevils. Thanks to Roberto Martinez & the Royal Belgian Football Association. Very excited.Can't wait.

— Thierry Henry (@ThierryHenry) August 26, 2016

Everyone had pretty much the exact same reaction.

Thierry Henry is going to be the assistant coach for Belgium? I did not see that one coming.

— ArsenalCat (@catyeboah) August 26, 2016

Henry assistant to Martinez for Belgium. Wow, did not see that coming.

— Abrà r (@ModernPlaymaker) August 26, 2016

Think it's safe to say no one saw that coming 😳 .. Thierry Henry named assistant coach of Belgium national team

— Rebecca Louise Coles (@Rebecca_L_Coles) August 26, 2016

Belgium are now undisputed kings of wtf appointments because, let’s not forget, they already made Martinez their manager.

That move looks relatively sane and predictable now.

Thierry Henry in Roberto Martinez's Belgium coaching staff is football's equivalent of sticking Paul McCartney in a Ringo Starr tribute band

— Richard Buxton (@RichardBuxton_) August 26, 2016

Thierry Henry assistant to Roberto Martinez. Could Belgium get any more random? What next? Boris Johnson as head of marketing?

— Melton Sport (@MeltonSport) August 26, 2016

Roberto Martinez, Thierry Henry and Graeme Jones. What a coaching team, what a world.

— Andy Ha (@_AndyHa) August 26, 2016

We’re all now basically living in a computer game.

Thierry Henry assisting Martinez at Belgium, this is genuinely Football Manager in real life

— Jáck (@Jack_BFC_) August 26, 2016

Henry as Belgium assistant 😳something you would see on football manager #loveit

— Stuart Oliver (@StuOliver93) August 26, 2016

"Thierry Henry named as assistant coach under Roberto Martinez with Belgium"
Is the kind of sentence you see on football manager.

— Callum (@callumn12) August 26, 2016

There was plenty of opportunity to dust off this vine.

When you see Thierry Henry is now Roberto Martinez assistant for Belgium

— Harry C (@HazSpur92) August 26, 2016

And this reminder of what Henry thought of one of Martinez’s past quotes.

Thierry Henry's reaction to Roberto Martinez calling Gareth Barry one of the best English players ever

— Ben McAleer (@BenMcAleer1) August 26, 2016

And of course this gif.

We've reached @FootballManager in real life. Thierry Henry is the assistant manager of Belgium.

— CLICKON Soccer (@CLICKONSoccer) August 26, 2016

And honestly, we wish him well – we really do – but when did football become so weird?