It’s a well-known fact that money talks in football, with transfer spending increasing year-on-year, and player wages a constant source of anger.

But it doesn’t stop there. With big companies realising how fruitful naming rights can be, it looks like Burger King may have decided to make their move.

Zenit have received a €6.8-million offer from @BurgerKing to change team's name to "Zenit Burger King".

— Artur Petrosyan (@arturpetrosyan) September 2, 2016

As you would expect, the standard reaction was shock and disbelief.

Zenit Burger King? You having me on?😂😂😂😂😂

— Will (@Willstevenss) September 2, 2016

And it was the perfect opportunity to have a little fun with some gifs.

#BurgerKing have offered #Zenit €6.8m to change their name to 'Zenit Burger King'

— NetBet (@netbet) September 2, 2016

Zenit St. Petersburg to change name to Zenit Burger King?!

— Football Tips (@footballtips) September 2, 2016

The puns are strong with these ones.

I personally can't wait for Zenit Burger King vs. KFC Barcelona!!

— (@MrFootyTips) September 2, 2016

Zenit St. Peter….. Oh right, my mistake. Zenit Burger King! Can't wait to see the Fast Food Derby vs Lokomotiv McMoscow

— Neil Tyler (@77_NDT) September 2, 2016

Others rued a potentially missed business opportunity.

@BurgerKing I'd change my name to Kyron Burger King for half that.

— #GEEZER (@KyronDS) September 2, 2016

I mean, it sounds ridiculous, but is it…?

Disgusting what is happening to football. I would never play for 'Zenit Burger King'. I only play for proper teams, like Red Bull Leipzig.

— Jason Bent (@Jason9Bent) September 2, 2016

If Zenit St Petersburg accept the offer, fair enough. But it could be little more than a marketing ploy.

Almost definitely a publicity stunt from Burger King. How many people are talking about this? Free advertising.

— Jason (@BasonJoardman) September 2, 2016

If it isn’t true, supposedly that makes it a Whopper.