Just when you think you know all the families/friends sitting on the sofas on Gogglebox like they’re your own best mates, Channel 4 go and surprise viewers with some new additions to the cast.

new people on gogglebox from Bristol omg omg omg

— ruby (@rubypoperuby) September 23, 2016

First up, from Bristol, meet best friends Mary (yes, another Mary) and Marina.

(Screengrab/Channel 4)

Loving the new lady best friends on #Gogglebox 😊 too cute!!

— Scarlett Moffatt (@ScarlettMoffatt) September 23, 2016

It usually takes me a while to warm to the newbies but these two old women are just excellent 😂 #gogglebox

— Andy Richardson (@andyjrichardson) September 23, 2016

Friendship goals: Mary and Marina. ❤️ #Gogglebox

— Liam Beattie (@Liam_Beattie) September 23, 2016

Unsurprisingly, people on Twitter seemed to love the hilarious ladies, and their Bristolian accents, pretty much straight away…

These two old ladies on #gogglebox are life!! 🙌🏽😩💜

— Alisha (@Alisha_Hocking) September 23, 2016

This new old lady on gogglebox buys a scratch card a day. My hero ❤️

— Lauren (@laurenlquigley) September 23, 2016

I am already loving Mary and Marina and I wish they were my grannies. #gogglebox

— Lynsey Spence (@Sidekick28) September 23, 2016

The grannies from Bristol on Gogglebox have got me creasing 😂😂

— Olls (@OllieBabb_) September 23, 2016

The new best friends "yeah yeah yeah" 😂 #gogglebox

— B. ♏ (@bee_mee_tee) September 23, 2016

How bristolian are them two old birds on gogglebox 😂😂

— Joe McClennan (@JoeMacca10_) September 23, 2016

Their commentary on the Brangelina split was especially great – including their reaction to Brad Pitt’s beard.

Mary & Marina, discussing dating Brad Pitt. Sheer brilliance. @C4Gogglebox #Gogglebox

— Grace Bird (@gracembird) September 23, 2016

Would you take Brad Pitt? Not with the beard no 😅😅😅 #lovethegrannies #Gogglebox

— Claire Addey (@Telynsmam) September 23, 2016

"Would you take Brad Pitt?" "Not with the beard" "No… I'd let him wine & dine me though" #Gogglebox

— Ian (@WhiskyWithWater) September 23, 2016

Other Gogglebox newbies include the three T’s, who are from Bristol too.


Say hello to Tremaine, Twaine and Tristan! #newbies #Gogglebox

— C4 Gogglebox (@C4Gogglebox) September 23, 2016

I'm LOVING the three T's from Bristol already 😭😂 #Gogglebox

— higgo (@livhiggi) September 23, 2016

Oh, and there’s a new family of four from Dorset on our screens.

they better not replace Steph & Dom … #gogglebox pic.twitter.com/0HiZB8oSQ5

— chloe. (@colourmefranta) September 23, 2016

Say hello to the Delaney-Ellwoods! #newbies #Gogglebox

— C4 Gogglebox (@C4Gogglebox) September 23, 2016

They just laughed because the chopping boards made of wood… oh to be posh #gogglebox

— Nichola (@NicGingeNac) September 23, 2016

Woah….. what?! There's only room for one posh family, yellow sofa and cords!! What's going on @stephanddom #Gogglebox

— Lottie (@lottie_smurf) September 23, 2016

If this new rich family have replaced Steph and Dom, I'm out. #Gogglebox

— Hannah Butterworth (@Han_Butterworth) September 23, 2016

While many people seem to be (mostly) loving the newbies, there’s no ignoring that there were some major concerns for some viewers.

Certain Gogglebox cast members were missing from this week’s episode – yes, Sandy and Sandra, we’re looking at you.

TELL ME they haven't got rid of Sandra & Sandy #gogglebox 😡😡

— James Little (@Littlenufc) September 23, 2016

It's nice that Googlebox is back but where are June and Leon, Sandy and Sandra. Hoping they haven't left #gogglebox

— Kerry Lambourne (@kerry_lambourne) September 23, 2016

Okay great meeting loads of new people and all but where's, Leon and June, Steph and Dom and Sandi and Sandra?? #Gogglebox

— Emma Cotton (@cotton_emma) September 23, 2016

At least we’ve got Mary and Marina…