Hello everyone. This is a story about Alexis and his dogs, Atom and Humber. Alexis Sanchez really loves his dogs.

Cuenta una hermosa leyenda Que los animales son almas voluntarias si el don de la palabra, que han venido a enseñarle al hombre el valor de los actos , de la solidaridad, de la aceptación, de la libertad y del trabajo en equipo y lo más importante el AMOR ❤️ 🐶🐶🏃🏻. There is a beautiful legend that tells us that animals are voluntary souls , without the gift of words, who have come to show man the value of his actions, of solidarity, of acceptance, of freedom and the value of teamwork…. and the more important the love ❤️🐶🐶🏃🏻

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He goes everywhere with them.


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And when he can’t, it’s a sad moment for everyone involved.


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But Atom and Humber are becoming independent creatures.

This is a public service announcement to humanity: Alexis Sanchez's dogs have an Instagram account and it's the best https://t.co/VsvsjxrcRA

— Andrew Helms (@andrew_helms) August 21, 2016

So much so that they’ve created their own account, somehow navigating Instagram with their unwieldy paws.


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Here’s Atom (or Humber…) with his Insta-pals

Adivinen el intruso ¿? 😂😂😂🐾 guess the intruder 🐘🦁🐪🐶

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And here’s Humber (or Atom…) checking how his latest post is doing.

Lunes de trabajo 😂🐶 monday's work ☺😂️

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But don’t worry, they haven’t left Alexis. Not until they figure out how to arrange a mortgage at least…

Lindo día de sol en Londres con mis amigos 🇬🇧☀️😃🐶🐶🏃🏻.. Nice sunny day in London with my friends . pic.twitter.com/86CwQupTLU

— Alexis Sánchez (@Alexis_Sanchez) April 14, 2015