The Fall returned for series three tonight, but fans were a little disorientated by the change in theme.

Known for being an incredibly tense serial killer drama, the BBC Two programme changed things up for the start of the episode as doctors battled to save villain Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) who was shot at the end of the last series.

Jamie Dornan is back as Paul Spector (BBC)

Various other characters were also injured in the series two shoot-out, but viewers started to feel a little like they were tuning in to a hospital drama instead.

This has turned into Holby City#TheFall

— Steven C (@Steven__C) September 29, 2016

Watching #thefall or as I call it Belfast's answer to Grey's Anatomy

— Kelly Allen (@KellyAllen01) September 29, 2016

Am I watching #TheFall or holby city? Confused

— OrlaMax (@max_orla) September 29, 2016

Have the writers of #TheFall done a swap with the #casualty writers??

— Leo Staar (@leostaar247) September 29, 2016

Some viewers felt the medical scenes were a touch over the top for the storyline.

He's not going to die because the rest of the story becomes pointless. Far too much hospital drama #TheFall

— Scott Nesbitt 🌐 (@scottnesbitt96) September 29, 2016

Others’ plans to enjoy the new series over dinner were dashed.

Don't eat a rare steak you've been looking forward to all day whilst watching #TheFall

— Alex (@alexpreston101) September 29, 2016

In fact, the graphic detail all got a bit too much.

So far watching #TheFall has consisted of me and mum making gag noises

— Ren (@her_champion) September 29, 2016

And those who weren’t disgusted were a little…well…

#TheFall. Bored. 2 much ER. @BBC2

— Jochen Schropp (@JochenSchropp) September 29, 2016

My bet is they blew the budget on all the fake blood instead of a decent script writer #TheFall

— Anna (@agshorsley) September 29, 2016

Maybe I'm desensitised to crime tv but this is a very dull watch #thefall

— Fiona (@Repentzel) September 29, 2016

However, there were other things to appreciate about the scene.

Loving the A&E doctor #TheFall

— Rachel Kennedy (@rachelkennedy84) September 29, 2016

And as ever, fans were a little confused as to whether it’s alright to fancy Jamie in this context or not.

Even though Jamie Dornan is covered in blood and unconscious I'm still a little in love with him #TheFall

— Lucy Connolly (@LucyConnolly1) September 29, 2016

Seeing more of Jamie Dornan right now than I ever thought I would. 😷😰😰😰 #TheFall

— Scarlett Targaryen (@ScarletteDrake) September 29, 2016