The Assassin star Shu Qi has surprised fans by announcing that she has married actor-director Stephen Fung.

It was especially unexpected because, despite rumours swirling for years that the two were dating, neither had ever confirmed their relationship.

Shu posted wedding photos of herself and Feng online, along with a statement that said, “Um, yes, our wedding is that simple. Um, yes, our attire was very casual. Um, yes, our decision was very sudden. … Oh, yes, we are married.”

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The newlyweds did not give details of their nuptials, but said in the statement that there will not be any wedding banquet or parties to celebrate their marriage.

The wedding photos, taken in Prague, show Shu in a simple white gown, smiling happily for photos with Fung, wearing a black suit. Other photos were of the couple in casual attire, holding up a sign that read, “Married!”

Fans tweeted their congratulations.

Finally Shu Qi got married ❤ You can see the glow of happiness on her face. I'm really happy for her ❤

— RI (@hyori_sunie) September 3, 2016

Originally from Taiwan, Shu began her career in modelling but moved to Hong Kong in the 90s to pursue an acting career. Stephen began acting and singing in Hong Kong in the 90s, but has now moved behind the scenes. In 2012, he directed the hit Kung Fu film Tai Chi 0 and its sequel, Tai Chi Hero. He’s the executive producer of Into The Badlands, a television series showing on AMC.

The pair first met on the set of the romance drama Bishonen in 1997 and, according to Saturday’s statement, the couple dated for four years before tying the knot.