Created forty five years ago by the Katzev family on a horse farm in New Jersey (if you thought this was going to be tenuous, you’d be wrong) Mane 'n Tail are genuinely hair products from an actual horse farm IRL, who knew?
Specially developed for show horses’ glossy manes and tails (hence the name), the protein enriched shampoos and conditioners are perfect for strengthening hair and making it super shiny. We’re talking show pony shiny, if you will.
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Which totally makes sense when you think about it. Hair is made up of protein (just like your nails) so the more protein you can smother your locks in, the stronger and healthier it’ll be. And let’s face it, who didn’t grow up wanting hair like a My Little Pony? Just us…?
Our fave Mane ’n Tail products? It’s all about the Original Shampoo, £5.99 and Conditioner, £5.99 followed by a healthy dose of Hair Strengthener, £11.99 aka a daily leave-in spray that our newly nourished hair is totally addicted to. Use it before straightening or curling your hair to protect it from crazy high heats or spritz over just washed hair for an everyday boost of protein. Think of it like a protein bar that goes straight to your hair. Mmmmmmmmm.

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And can we please discuss the Hoofmaker hand cream, £8.99?? Sounds a little bovine but when that Winter air con kicks in, this uber moisturising hand cream is a permanent desk addition for transforming our hooves back into hands.

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We know what you’re thinking, since when did horses become our new #beautyinspo? Well, since 1930 technically.
Turns out Mane ’n Tail aren’t the only ones to jump on the horse bandwagon. Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Cream was first used by Miss Arden herself to sooth her thoroughbred horses’ bruises after a long day in the paddock. It worked so well customers started using it on everything from scrapes and bruises to dry lips and even to smooth eyebrows. And the rest is history.
The horses have done it again.