Alexander Wang’s ‘girl’ is always a cool kinda chick, we’ll give her that, but this season she was a little less urban and a LOT more outdoorsy in a ‘I quit my job three months ago and have forgotten what closed-toe shoes even look like’ kind of way.

For hair, the legend that is Guido Palau was getting scissor happy again (in fact it was at Wang last season that he cut model Katie Moore’s hair into a choppy red bob and subsequently transformed her into runway royalty overnight).

‘Alexander has gone quite gung-ho this season,’ he explained to us whilst wielding a hair razor. ‘He gave me pictures of Californian surfer boys and skater girls and said he was up for some radical cuts and extreme blonds.’

Were the models quite as enthused we wondered? ‘Of the 55 girls we only had one who had a bit of a wobble – all the others were really up for it which I think is a sign of the times – women are way more up for trying new things, I love it!’ Here here we say.

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And the same went for the models who were given a bleach-job just before the show. But how to get that ultimate beachy texture that even the supremely polished Kendall pulled off with aplomb? ‘I spritzed a salt spray into the hair before adding a little of Redken’s Texture Rough Paste (£15) for a bit of definition. I wanted it to look like a girl who’s been living on the beach with her boyfriend.’ (If only).

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Over on make-up, Nars artiste extraordinaire Diane Kendal described how she wanted the models to look as though their skin had been kissed by the sun to emulate a bone fide surfer girl; ‘I kept the skin super fresh-looking by starting with the NARSskin Luminous Moisture Cream (£43) before applying the Sheer Glow Foundation (£31),’ said Diane.

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‘For the girls with bleached hair we bleached the brows to match whilst for that realistic sun-burnished flush the key is to use two different blushers, one in a bronze tone and one in a reddy tone patted in over the top.’ Diane explained that keeping the placement of the blush confined to the tops of the cheeks and bridge of the nose gives a much more natural effect overall. Last one in is a rotten egg dudes!