A super typhoon killed at least four as it slammed into the main Philippine island of Luzon on Sunday, officials said.

The strongest storm so far this year, Goni caused power outages, infrastructure damage and major floods but was weakened after two landfalls in the Bicol region. The weather bureau has downgraded it to typhoon category.

Video footage from local and social media showed rivers overflowing and some dikes destroyed, submerging villages.

Goni hit the Philippines a week after Typhoon Molave hit the same region, killing 22 people. Another typhoon is being monitored and could hit parts of Luzon in the coming days.

According to the country’s disaster management agency, 19 million to 31 million people could be affected by the typhoon, including those in the capital, Manila.

Nearly 350,000 people were in evacuation centers, the agency said, lowering the figure of nearly a million reported Saturday.