Transfer deadline day is often a time of hope and unmitigated joy, as fans around the world dream that their club’s manager might be able to sign a world class player.

But it’s also a time for reflection, especially for those whose careers have gone off the boil, or who are ready to move on to pastures new.

Here are six players who could do with a move on the final day of the summer transfer window.

1. Jack Wilshere

(Nick Potts/PA)

Even Jack Wilshere’s most ardent followers will struggle to disagree with the suggestion that the 24-year-old needs to go on loan. Wilshere needs minutes, and with an Arsenal midfield dominated by players in the peak of physical fitness, he’s going to struggle for game time.

The England international is by no means finished in the Premier League, but there were mascots with more minutes than him last season, and his contributions for England were leaden-footed.

A spell with another club could do the world of good for Jack, who turns 25 in January, but there’s nothing for him at the Emirates… for now.

2. Mario Balotelli

(Peter Byrne/PA)

He’s still there? This might come as a shock to some, so take a minute to contemplate what this means.

Nobody can harbour serious hopes that this is a transfer that could still come good can they? When Balotelli joined Liverpool it raised an eyebrow – the fact he’s still there has both eyebrows raised in bewilderment rather than curiosity.

Take a wage cut and get back to your best with a lower league team Mario – the chances of you flourishing under the high-energy Jurgen Klopp are zero.

3. Wilfried Bony

(Dave Howarth/PA)

Did anyone have high hopes for this one? Wilfried Bony did well at Swansea and nobody could begrudge him his chance with a big club. Manchester City came calling and off he went.

But Bony managed just four league goals across the 2015/16 season, and with that the experiment can surely be deemed to have failed.

With Sergio Aguero and Kelechi Iheanacho ahead of him in the pecking order, and Pep Guardiola arriving at the Etihad with a set of bold new ideas, now might be the time for Bony to move while he still has plenty of appeal.

4. Bastian Schweinsteiger

(Martin Meissner/AP)

This didn’t really ever “work” did it? Manchester United’s Louis Van Gaal era can be best summed up as “slow”. An out-of-touch manager with one too many midfielders short on pace. The Old Trafford faithful could have been forgiven for yawning instead of cheering.

None of that is Bastian Schweinsteiger’s fault. Who wouldn’t take a move to Manchester United in their twilight years? Furthermore, after the career he’s had, the 2014 World Cup winner had nothing to prove in Manchester.

MLS beckons now for the German, who has claimed he won’t play for another European club. All the best Basti – congratulations on a fine career.

5. Saido Berahino

(Andrew Matthews/EMPICS Sport)

Seriously, who does this benefit? Saido Berahino is 23 now and no nearer his full England debut.

At West Brom, Berahino’s attacking style of play doesn’t seem to have been embraced by Tony “four centre-backs” Pulis, while his attitude has stunted his career growth.

Berahino needs to go somewhere that a) suits his style of play and b) knows how to look after him. Until then, his career will be on hold and his potential unfulfilled.

6. Alberto Moreno

(Nick Potts/PA)

Alberto Moreno arrived at Anfield as a promising young full back, and should he leave Liverpool he will depart as one as well.

Yes, the Spaniard’s stock has fallen during his time at the club, but at just 24, there is plenty of potential to be fulfilled, and an apparently good attitude to be tapped into.

Moreno is another who has fallen foul of a revolutionary new manager’s arrival, but he is sure to find a club to take him should Liverpool let him go. Go Moreno! Be free!