Simon Cowell has a strong belief in the supernatural.

The X Factor boss, 56, claims that he’s been haunted – but he insists he’s not scared.

“Over the years I have seen and heard things so I do believe in ghosts, but I am not afraid of them,” the Daily Star quoted Simon as saying.

Simon Cowell (Ian West/PA)

“They just want to make contact and say hello.”

He added: “I had one in my house once.

“My mum and dad were staying with me and I heard this banging on the door. I went to their room and said: ‘You were banging on my door?’ and they said: ‘It wasn’t us.’ The following day I heard this crashing noise and all the stuff had fallen in the kitchen.

“There was no logical explanation… But I wasn’t afraid.”

Simon is currently appearing on the latest series of the X Factor (Thames / Syco Entertainment)

Simon later discovered the place where he was staying had a history of ghostly behaviour.

“It got so bad they had to call in an exorcist,” he said.