RZA and Paul Banks, collaboratively known as Banks and Steelz, are the latest to take on Sean Evans’ Hot Ones challenge.

RZA, apparently forced to take part by Banks in a bid to promote their new album, hardly flinched as the heat level rose and answered questions on Wu-Tang as well as lessons he’s learned from the music industry, while the pair shared how they came to collaborate in the first place.

The Wu-Tang Abbot clearly drew on his many Shaolin powers to make it through, even stomaching what looked like very questionable “vegan nuggets”.

RZA also dropped some knowledge, telling aspiring artists “if the money is why you’re doing it, you’re going to have a problem. I got to a point where I wasn’t even going to the studio unless there was a cheque involved, but before I was making money you couldn’t pull me out of a studio.

“I’ve luckily had a long enough career to return back to that. Jay Z is a great example of this for hip hoppers. He kept moving forward, and now when he looks back it’s like he’s moved so forward that he’s up on the mountain.”

Banks and Steelz’ debut album Anything But Words is out now.