It was all going so well for Rylan Clark-Neal on Saturday, as he and Matt Edmondson hosted a successful first edition of the new-look Xtra Factor Live.

But the affable TV host revealed that he and eight other people got stuck in a lift directly after the ITV2 programme ended, and he chronicled the ordeal with a series of hilarious Twitter posts.

He first of all posted that, yes, he was stuck in a broken elevator.

You're not gonna believe I've been stuck in a lift for the last half hour……

— Rylan Clark-Neal (@Rylan) August 27, 2016

Rylan then went on to share a video from the lift, saying “we’ve been stuck in a lift since I came off air”.

“This actual lift can accommodate one horse, nine persons, 5,000 bananas, 6,666 hens eggs, some pigeons, some haddock and a lot of pound coins,” he continued, reading off a notice inside the lift.

“Sweaty” Rylan then revealed they had been crammed in for 20 minutes, but had another 15 minutes to wait before someone came to rescue them, and joked that he may have to host Sunday night’s episode “live from the lift”.

— Rylan Clark-Neal (@Rylan) August 27, 2016

We're gonna die

— Rylan Clark-Neal (@Rylan) August 27, 2016

He then shared another video, revealing he was swigging from a bottle of champagne – a gift from Louie Spence – in order to get through the ordeal.


— Rylan Clark-Neal (@Rylan) August 27, 2016

His make-up artist couldn’t quite handle it, as he showed her sitting on the floor as the others passed around the bottle of bubbly.

Thank Jesus I've got this we are dying help us Jesus

— Rylan Clark-Neal (@Rylan) August 27, 2016

Rylan followed this up with yet another video, showing the attempted release from the lift as he said: “This could be the end.”

Please lord this could be the end

— Rylan Clark-Neal (@Rylan) August 27, 2016

It went on and on…

Jesus save us for our sins

— Rylan Clark-Neal (@Rylan) August 27, 2016

And on and on…

Sweet baby Jesus help us please

— Rylan Clark-Neal (@Rylan) August 27, 2016

His main concerns were potentially dying and running out of champagne.

But then, after over 45 minutes, Rylan and his fellow hostages were freed from the lift after having to crawl out from a half-open door. Hurrah!

The presenter then shared yet another video, revealing that he was well and free, and also thanking fans for their positive comments after The Xtra Factor Live.

A public broadcast by me…. #LiftGate

— Rylan Clark-Neal (@Rylan) August 27, 2016

“I was stuck in a lift for 45 minutes… I’d go as far as saying 53. All I wanted was a lift operator, and he wouldn’t come,” he said.

“Luckily a runner used to work for a lift company, and with the help of a broom handle, saved us from our sins.

“It was very touch and go at some points, the Moet nearly run out and we didn’t know what to do. I’d like to thank you, for being there for us, and most of all, I’d like to thank Jesus, because without you, we wouldn’t have got out of that lift… and we wouldn’t have Christmas.”