Robbie Keane announced yesterday that Wednesday's game against Oman was to be his last, writes Steve Neville.

Tributes flooded social media, with many thanking one of the real greats of Irish football for all the good times and all those goals (67 after 145 caps).

Roddy Doyle has pitched in too, in typical two pints fashion, with a fitting tribute to the man who got the famous goal against Germany that "still makes me want to punch the air."

We're pretty sure Irish fans across the country were having similar conversations last night.

Here's the text in full:

-See Robbie Keane’s retirin’.

-It’s weird.


-Well, like – he used to be a teenager.

-I think I know what yeh mean.

-I’ll tell yeh – when you measure your life in football, it goes past very fuckin’ quickly. One minute he’s a kid, the next he’s retirin’.

-He was great but, wasn’t he?

-No question. Brilliant. An’ the best thing about him – he had a real Dublin head on him.

-Yeah, yeah – I know what yeh mean. Richard Dunne, Duffer –

-Dublin heads.

-John Giles, Stapleton, Paul McGrath, Brady. You just see them an’ you think –

-Dublin again. They couldn’t’ve been from annywhere else.

-But then yeh look at Roy Keane an’ yeh think –


-Exactly. Yeh might wish he was from Dublin but he wouldn’t have been Roy if he’d come from annywhere else.

-Yeh look at Shane Long an’ yeh think –

-The sunny south-east.

-Shay Given?

-Donegal – no question. Seamus Coleman the same.

-Kevin Kilbane?

-Da from Mayo – his fuckin’ ears.

-Robbie Brady?


-Stephen Ireland?


-D’you remember that goal Robbie – Robbie Keane, like – scored against Germany?

-Ah, man.

-Still makes me want to punch the air.

-Thank you, Robbie.

-Thank you very much.

The lines on Roy Keane and Stephen Ireland are sure to raise a smile but it's the final two lines that we'll all be repeating on Wednesday night.

"Thank you, Robbie. Thank you very much."

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