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Rio 2016: Spectacular images from the Olympics opening ceremony

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From supermodel Gisele Bundchen strutting her stuff to an aviator flying in the sky and colourful theatrical performances, the opening ceremony in the Maracana Stadium showed the world what Brazil has to offer.

Here are some spectacular photos from the colourful proceedings:

Maracana Stadium lit up with fireworks.

(Morry Gash/AP)

It created a beautiful spectacle.

(Matt Dunham/AP)

Performers wore bright clothing as they took to the stage.

(Mike Egerton/PA)

There was a wide variety of colourful acts.

(Mike Egerton/PA)

The whole stadium was an explosion of psychedelic lights.

(Tim Donnelly/AP)

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen walked the longest catwalk ever and still looked stunning.

(Mike Egerton/PA)

Artists gave incredible performances.

(Lee Jin-man/AP)

A choreographed routine saw dancers playing with rope.

(Richard Heathcote/AP)

There was a bit of Metropolis in one of the theatrical performances.

(Mike Egerton/PA)

An “aviator” was flown out of the stadium.

(Matt Dunham/AP)

There was a carnival atmosphere among the performers.

(Mike Egerton/PA)

The stadium turned into a spectacular colour riot.

(Richard Heathcote/AP)

Some performers used metallic sheets as props.

(Richard Heathcote/AP)

A giant hand appeared as well.

(Charlie Riedel/AP)

Lights filled the stadium during the opening ceremony.

(Morry Gash/AP)

Athletes made their way to the the massive arena.

(David J. Phillip/AP)

An athlete held up a sign as she arrived with the Argentina team.

(Matt Slocum/AP)

Australian athletes took selfies as they marched during the opening ceremony.

(Matt Slocum/AP)

Sailor Nicole Van Der Velden carried the flag of Aruba.

(Markus Schreiber/AP)

Brazilian musician Paulinho da Viola performed the national anthem.

Paddy Barnes lead a delighted Irish team out.

We have arrived! #TeamIreland #OpeningCeremony pic.twitter.com/ZEFrcbOaQs

— Team Ireland (@olympiccouncil) August 6, 2016

(Patrick Semansky/AP)

Spectators looked like they were enjoying themselves.

(Matt Dunham/AP)

Tonga’s Pita Nikolas Taufatofua became the shirtless flag bearer of everyone’s dreams.

(Matt Slocum/AP)

Samba dancers put on an electrifying show.

(Dmitri Lovetsky/AP)

Jorge Alberto Oliveira Gomes lit the Olympic cauldron.

(Gregory Bull/AP)

Flames burned in the Olympic cauldron as the opening ceremony finally came to a close.

(Gregory Bull/AP)

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