If you’re sad about the end of the Olympics (and we are), you’ll need a way to keep the memory of the Games alive.

So, luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of the funniest tweets of the Games.

1. When Usain Bolt smiled at the cameras during his 100m sprint.


— Moe Killington (@sporker_) August 15, 2016

How it feels when you win a Ebay auction at the last second pic.twitter.com/mZTA82xlMu

— Trav NEVER Chills (@SKTV_) August 15, 2016

2. Michael Phelps’s face was the meme that kept on giving.

When you're the real Slim Shady but someone else stood up. pic.twitter.com/CtQTu7FXEa

— B®endan (@ChiBDM) August 9, 2016

3. The endless ribbing of Rory McIlroy.

Hey @CaroWozniacki I think we make a great couple, what ya think @McIlroyRory pic.twitter.com/Fk2nbMjlRh

— Paddy Barnes (@paddyb_ireland) August 6, 2016

Hey @McIlroyRory .. @RickieFowler said your a pussy for not turning up! #OhhhhhFightTalk #Olympics #Rio2016 pic.twitter.com/A7lEMqWwuB

— Michael Conlan (@mickconlan11) August 5, 2016

4. Tom Daley was the voice of a puzzled audience.

Ermmm…what happened?! pic.twitter.com/pdta7EpP2k

— Tom Daley (@TomDaley1994) August 9, 2016

It turns out Olympic organisers didn’t have enough chemicals to keep two pools clean at once, so the diving pool turned green. Yes, really.

5. Duct tape is pretty much the answer to anything.

Duct tape? Really? You guys sure that's the best way to repair the Olympic velodrome? #Rio2016

— Jonathan Vaughters (@Vaughters) August 11, 2016

6. This guy.

Tamas Kenderesi with the most understated celebration of #Rio2016 so far after beating Le Clos & Phelps… pic.twitter.com/qh127W5CXl

— BBC Sport (@BBCSport) August 9, 2016

7. You never know, she might be needed.

Easiest job in world = Olympic pool lifeguard? pic.twitter.com/E73nhZ9WwB

— Rich Matulewicz (@RichMDUrology) August 7, 2016

8. Oh, Bradley.

Sir Bradley Wiggins 😛😛😛 #Rio2016 #CyclingTrack #Wiggo #TeamGB @OfficialWIGGINS pic.twitter.com/C9S0rc7K73

— LDNfashion (@LDNfashion) August 12, 2016

9. In one tweet, this guy exposed us all.

The Olympics is brilliant, you watch physically glorious humans whilst sat on your sofa, covered in crisps, screaming GO ON BE BETTER

— TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon) August 6, 2016

10. And this was just depressing in how true it was.

there are 16 year olds competing at the olympics & i still push on pull doors & struggle getting through the whole day without a nap lol

— z (@zxxchh) August 7, 2016

11. This celebration had us creased with laughter.

When you've just won an Olympjc gold in wrestling, this is how to thank your coach. pic.twitter.com/Y5QIuwOWrH

— SimonNRicketts (@SimonNRicketts) August 19, 2016

12. When we all became armchair experts overnight.

me: clueless about gymnastics
me watchin the olympics: devastating double tuck, she simply cannot afford to make these errors. 12.25 at best

— zzz (@miskeencore) August 7, 2016

Rio, we will miss you.