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If you’re anything like me, you forget your wallet everywhere you go.  It’s something you wish you never had to deal with.  You get annoyed at the extra weight you have to carry around and you wish you could downsize to make going out easier.  Imagine having one less thing to worry about as you walk out the door.

You can make this a reality with Puut Wallet, an application you download on your phone that will digitize the contents of your wallet, making your cumbersome leather wallet obsolete.  Your ID, driver’s license, credit cards, loyalty cards, boarding passes, and even your passport can be placed in Puut Wallet.

Puut Wallet can be used for your business, as well.  With PCI-DSS compliant, wallet2wallet functionality, merchants and Puut Wallet holders can make and receive push-payments that adhere to the highest security standards. Merchants can use the broadcast feature of Puut Wallet to communicate with customers.  They can also expand existing sales channels by bidding on user’s shopping lists with its vigorous bidding feature and create listing offers.  Additionally, Puut Wallet contains an automated service for retail, allowing customers to scan a product in the store, pay, and leave the store without having to checkout at the cashier.


Whether you’re using it for your business or in your personal life, Puut Wallet has what you need to simplify your life.  It’s time to get rid of your cumbersome wallet.  Download Puut Wallet now.

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