Premier League B teams and teams from outside the English system have been ruled out for inclusion in the English Football League.

Plans were announced this year to change the football league from the current three leagues of The Sky Bet Championship, League One and League Two, to four 20-team leagues including League Three. These plans were contained in a document called the ‘Whole Game Solution’.

There had been talk of Celtic joining the EFL before this latest decision (Jeff Holmes/PA)

The decision raised the question of where the eight extra teams needed will come from but the EFL say B teams for Premier League clubs and clubs outside of England, such as Celtic and Rangers, will not be included. The decision comes after consultation with EFL clubs.

Got nothing against League 3 providing it doesn't include Premier League B and non-English sides. Glad those two have been shot down.

— Damo (@UK_Pat37) September 22, 2016

RIP Premier League B 🙂

— Shane Clarke (@ShaneClarke534) September 22, 2016

Well done to all football fans who spoke out against the introduction of Premier League B teams in the EFL. You've had a great result today!

— TonyIncenzoTalkSPORT (@TonyIncenzo) September 22, 2016

Despite support for the EFL’s decision B teams have been successful elsewhere, such as in La Liga where big clubs blood their younger players in their second teams such as Real Madrid Castilla or Barcelona B in the Spanish second-tier.

Norwegian starlet Martin Odegaard, seen here coming on for Christiano Ronaldo, has spent much time developing in Real Madrid’s B team (Daniel Ochoa de Olza/AP)

Not everyone is pleased with the decision, thinking it could have benefited the national team’s youngsters.

no premier league B teams… sure its spain/germany that have the system wrong they never produce good young players 😔

— kyle (@kylidu) September 22, 2016

Introducing Premier League B teams could have actually helped with England's home grown players… Why is everyone so against it?

— Ben Hannon (@BHannon95) September 22, 2016

Debates on the EFL’s structure will continue until a final vote by all clubs in June 2017. As for this latest decision, the conversation on whether it’s the right one will continue in pubs across the country – as will the jokes…

Premier League B already exists. It's the English national team

— Stu (@provisionally) September 22, 2016

What are "Premier League B teams" ???? Is that teams like Stoke n West Brom

— Andrew (@FutbolAndrew) September 22, 2016

The news of there being no Premier League B teams has dealt a blow to the 765 Chelsea players currently out on loan

— Thomas Jones (@tomj191) September 22, 2016