Ariana Grande has made a surprise appearance in the Celebrity Big Brother house – via video message.

The pop singer encourages her brother Frankie to win the reality show in a recording that is part of a shopping task that involves family and friends of the housemates doing their best to distract them.

Frankie will be brought to tears by Ariana’s appearance (Channel 5)

In scenes in Friday night’s show, Frankie bursts into tears as Ariana tells him: “I’m so proud of you, come home soon. Oh, not too soon, win first.”

Later in the show, Frankie is seen deep in conversation with Samantha Fox about “coming out”.

He credits his sister with taking the pressure off as she mentioned in an interview that she was bullied at school because he was gay.

A unicorn will visit Frankie, James and Marnie in the house (Channel 5)

Frankie says: “I was like, thank you, that was a weight off my chest.”

Sam, who had a 12-year relationship with her former manager Myra Stratton until her death last year, tells him that she has never labelled herself as lesbian.

She says: “IÂ believe in love, I fell in love with a woman.”

James is reunited with his dog Daisy May (Channel 5)

Frankie must complete a task alongside Marnie Simpson and James Whale where a host of animals including puppies, alpacas, a “unicorn” and James’ dog Daisy May, try to distract them.

Lewis Bloor must complete another task when he mans the phones for Big Brother with distractions including Ariana’s message and a letter for Renee Graziano being delivered, plus a visit from his mother.

Lewis tells her that he thinks girlfriend Marnie is “The One”.

Lewis’ mother visits the house (Channel 5)

After he returns to the housemates, he reads out Renee’s letter from her son AJ.

It causes discomfort for Stephen Bear when AJ writes, “Don’t let that a****** Bear get in your head, tune him out.”

Earlier in the day, the housemates discuss that they think Stephen is a “different person” following a confrontational visit from his ex-girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg.

Stephen agrees when talking to Renee, saying he is looking forward to a house without “all that f****** rowing all the time”.

Stephen Bear is dejected after hearing AJ’s letter (Channel 5)

In the live part of the show, five celebrities will face the public vote in the first double eviction of the series.

:: Celebrity Big Brother airs on Channel 5 at 9pm.