Poldark viewers saw the funny side when Jud was brought back from beyond the grave.

The boozy servant was thought to have died after a beating from Warleggan’s men.

Poldark (BBC/PA Images)

But then – shock horror – his body disappeared.

It later turned out that, rather than bodysnatchers roaming Cornwall, Jud had never died at all and had simply ambled off when he had woken up.

Viewers loved the idea of “zombie Jud”.

JUD'S NOT DEAD OMG#Poldark pic.twitter.com/MVMV36RuP4

— eleanor (@tomhollandx) September 18, 2016

#poldark ..Will Zombie Judd look any different to ordinary Judd?

— bookfan2 (@Borderbabe1) September 18, 2016

Judd is immortal. #Poldark

— Margy (@MsMarPell) September 18, 2016


— 🌻 Bruni 🍁 (@pillowmountains) September 18, 2016

Literally laughing out loud at The Resurrection Of Jud! Tis fit, tis right, tis fair, tis proper #Poldark

— Jeevesina (@jeevesina) September 18, 2016

Poldark has gone all Walking Dead on us.
Jud's back. #Poldark

— Natasha Akhtar (@Natasha_Akhtar) September 18, 2016

Love Jud and Prudie! So glad he survived to have another drink .. #Poldark pic.twitter.com/SUR7Mrp2rn

— Jenny Prigg (@falmouthjen) September 18, 2016

But there were also dark times in the latest instalment, with Ross (played by heartthrob Aidan Turner) being a little snarky with Demelza.

And he paid a little too much attention to Elizabeth for our liking.

I was literally shouting no at my tv when Ross was talking to Elizabeth😂👍 #Poldark

— Em|5sos| (@emilyemisam) September 18, 2016

when ross and elizabeth start flirting#poldark pic.twitter.com/fWBo0VFH8D

— ㅤ (@stylesinred) September 18, 2016

me during Ross and Elizabeth scenes: #poldark pic.twitter.com/ZJM1LQYlWj

— Bahnree (@bahnree) September 18, 2016

He also then revealed that they had money problems.

Of course, one fan has just the answer…

With #Poldark's finances in a perilous state, there's only one thing for it. Ross will have to become a MALE STRIPPER. #GetYourScytheOut

— RedScharlach (@redfacts) September 18, 2016