The opening sequence of Poldark had barely begun to roll when viewers started clamouring for star Aidan Turner to take his shirt off.

The star’s toned physique was a bit hit last season, and fans were DESPERATE for more.

There had been rumours that Poldark was planning to keep covered up this series, and it might have been those reports putting viewers on edge.

TAKE YOUR DAMNED SHIRT OFF.. Rip it off him woman…. #Poldark..#Poldarkparty

— Paul Dunphy Esquire (@pauldunphy) September 4, 2016

All is well in my world. #Poldark is back. I live in hope that he will need to remove his shirt. Swoon!

— Dorne Whale (@female1960) September 4, 2016

It's obvs hot down in that mine. Dude needs to lose that shirt #Poldark

— Stephie (@imcountingufoz) September 4, 2016

Wtf is this? 10 minutes into #Poldark and Ross still hasn't taken his shirt off – very disappointing

— Simon Gardner (@simamuofficial) September 4, 2016

Does Aiden Turner get his shirt off in this ep? Cus if not I'm gonna go to bed 🙈 #Poldark

— shan✌ (@shortie_shann) September 4, 2016

Sweaty mine scenes. Check.
Ross stripping off his shirt. Sooooooooon. #Poldark

— Lyra ➡ TheAltSource (@TheAltSource) September 4, 2016

But within 21 minutes all prayers had been answered – the heartthrob’s shirt was off. Swoon.

AND he was all lathered up hammering away down the mine. Double swoon.

When everything in life seems to be against you, just take off your shirt and go hammer some rocks. 🔨💪 #Poldark

— BBC One (@BBCOne) September 4, 2016

Fans could hardly contain their excitement as he flashed the flesh.

Bare chest moment … Far too hot work to keep a shirt on #Poldark #AidanTurner I've collapsed on my bed swoon

— angela thompson (@angelathompson5) September 4, 2016

The shirt is off, swooning can commence. #Poldark

— Euan Hope (@euanhope) September 4, 2016

@AidanTurner what a treat for the eyes! #poldark #PoldarkCornwall #cornishandproud

— NicsBurls (@nic_burley) September 4, 2016

Oh look, the shirt's off. I'm looking! #Poldark

— Robin Fox (@RevRobinFox) September 4, 2016

Did anyone have 9.21pm in the #Poldark gratuitous sweaty shirt-off sweepstakes?

— christine adgo (@chris_adgo) September 4, 2016

Twenty minutes in, the shirt is off. Sunday nights just got a bit more bearable or bare-able, whatever. #Poldark

— Danielle (@Danielle1812) September 4, 2016

After that it wasn’t a long wait until we got another look at Poldark’s rippling abs.

Second topless #Poldark scene just 30 minutes in, oh my!

— Caroline Carpenter (@CarolineC1988) September 4, 2016