These are turbulent times for Joe Hart. The England number one has made the move to Torino after falling out of favour at Manchester City, and now it turns out he’s not even called ‘Joe Hart’…

The four-time winner of the Premier League’s Golden Glove award is apparently actually called ‘Charles Joseph John Hart’, as revealed by Torino during his transfer to the Italian club.

Suffice it to say, people were surprised.

How have I only just discovered that Joe Hart's first name is actually Charles?…

— James Browning (@JamesBrowning96) August 31, 2016

So Joe Hart's first name is Charles! #whoknew

— Paul ElsBells Ellis (@elsbells33) August 31, 2016

It must have been difficult to keep under wraps? Surely his colleagues would have been in the know?

So wait, Joe Hart's real name is Charles Joseph John Hart?
He kept that quiet!

— Rocket Long (@RocketSoccerAM) August 31, 2016

And in another surprising turn of events, politics somehow became involved.

Joe Hart's real name is Charles Joseph John Hart… #Tory

— Ryan (@RyanKennedy1992) August 31, 2016

Bizarrely, some seemed to have been expecting the news…

Joe Hart's real name is Charles, can't even say I'm surprised

— Caolán Dorrian (@CaolanDorrian94) August 31, 2016

But for some, Hart’s new name rolled off the tongue. All the best in Torino Charles!

Delighted that Charles Hart got a move to Torino. Best of luck to Charles in Italy. ⚽️

— Eoin Kavanagh (@EoinyPony93) August 31, 2016