Judge Rinder has flown somewhat under the radar of celebrity life so far.

Sure, he doesn’t exactly mince his words in his TV courtroom, and of course there was that time he was best man for Benedict Cumberbatch.

But other than that, the general man on the street probably couldn’t tell you too much about him. Until now.

Recently, we learned that Judge Rinder would be taking part in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing and tonight he unveiled his ballroom look in the first show of the series.

Blimey judge Rinder is ripped! Did not expect that!

— Lauren (@laurenlou1988) September 3, 2016

@RobbieRinder can dance AND has a 6 pack? #hiddensecrets #JudgeRinder #StrictlyComeDancing 😲😚

— Mrsbluesky☺ (@gyt564) September 3, 2016

The fact that judge Rinder has the body of a 20 year old boy🙄 #strictly

— Angharad Richards (@hazza150399) September 3, 2016

Most surprising revelation from tonight's #Strictly is that @JudgeRinderTV is ripped 🤔

— Sarah Nunn (@sarah_nunn17) September 3, 2016

Well I cant believe I am saying this but WOW Judge Rinder is hiding quite a decent body under his judges Robes.

— Jackie Mitchell. (@222fff) September 3, 2016

Judge Rinder and partner Oksana Platero (BBC)

His moves during the group dance didn’t pass without comment, either.

eagerly awaiting the crowning of @RobbieRinder as 2016's winner of #StrictlyComeDancing – that trophy's yours!! 🤘 @JudgeRinderTV

— Rebecca Mayer (@BekMayerNaise) September 3, 2016

Loving your moves @JudgeRinderTV – on Strictly – natural rhythm – you are going to do AMAZINGLY well

— Blueprint Practice (@carolebozkurt) September 3, 2016

@bbcstrictly @JudgeRinderTV's got the moves!!! I saw those hips n shimmies!!! 😜

— Lou_LeVell (@strictly_LouLou) September 3, 2016

I have never seen anything as enthusiastic as Judge Rinder in that group dance I'm in love

— stephanie beardsmore (@holaitsteph) September 3, 2016

Viewers quickly decided Judge Rinder was utterly hilarious, too, as he mock-snubbed mean judge Craig Revel Horwood and expressed surprise at his dancing partner, Oksana Platero.

Omg Judge Rinder on #strictly = hillarious and amazing 😂❤

— Ruth Guntrip (@ruthguntrip) September 3, 2016

Judge Rinder gets me creasing😭😂

— lily (@lilyynicol_) September 3, 2016

Tess introduces Judge Rinder and Oksana (BBC)

He even claimed some early celebrity fans.

I'm telling you now I think @JudgeRinderTV is gonna win this @bbcstrictly #StrictlyComeDancing

— Lizzie Cundy (@lizziecundy) September 3, 2016

Judge Rinder is a scream . I hope he does well

— Lord Sugar (@Lord_Sugar) September 3, 2016

We want to see plenty more of Judge Rinder, so make sure he gets plenty of votes when Strictly returns. That’s an order.

I know for a fact Judge Rinder is gonna make my life whilst he's on Strictly

— Amy Evans (@aamyevans) September 3, 2016