Channel 4′s Matt Frei dove into American politics in the documentary President Trump: Can He Really Win? Twitter was on hand with a myriad of emotions about it.

Hope you're watching President #trump – can he really win? Now on Channel 4 (and terrifying on a big screen)

— Jules Mattsson (@julesmattsson) August 23, 2016

For many, it was quite a depressing watch.

This Can Trump Win? documentary on Channel 4 is as depressing as hell. He really could do it. #Trump

— Victoria Sadler (@VictoriaJSadler) August 23, 2016

#channel4 and #trump got me like

— R.J (@rjoshi1976) August 23, 2016

Can't believe what I'm watching on C4 #Trump quote "Obama founded ISIS". Please people of America…don't let it happen.

— Abi Bagshaw (@agbagshaw) August 23, 2016

Others reacted more violently and anger seemed like the only option.

C4's #Trump documentary is certainly interesting, but it's doing my already elevated stress levels precisely no favours. #presidenttrump

— alex allan (@hildeleoma) August 23, 2016

Blood boiling already! Can my blood pressure take an hour of this? @Channel4 #trump

— Rachel (@rachel_ash90) August 23, 2016

I give my blood pressure 10 minutes. @Channel4 #Trump

— Melanie Whittaker (@mel_whittaker) August 23, 2016

There were those who wanted to hide under their covers, the prospect of a President Trump being so terrifying.

Oh God it's like I'm watching a horror film #trump #C4

— Jyoti Chauhan (@jyotichauhan_) August 23, 2016

Utterly horrified by the #Trump programme on @Channel4 I have this sinking feeling that he's going to do it #battendownthehatches

— Amanda Perry (@swirlymurphy) August 23, 2016

"A bully on our side." Chilling words from the #Trump doc on @Channel4 – and a warning to all those thinking that he can't win.

— Matthew Wall (@mswalluk) August 23, 2016

@Channel4 #Trump 'Can he really win' documentary – What a very scary thought!! Let's hope he doesn't!! Has history taught us nothing??

— kanika gupta (@kanikagupta) August 23, 2016

Some of the people Matt interviewed inspired sheer disbelief.

50 yrs old and never voted and now voting for #Trump. @Channel4

— JOE in CBG (@JOEinCBG) August 23, 2016

Those #Trump socks on the @Channel4 prog. Bloody hell.

— Jo (@apostrophediva) August 23, 2016

A lot of people saw a worrying comparison to recent political events on this side of the Atlantic.

Brilliant TV from @mattfrei @Channel4 on #Trump. So scarey .Deja Vu to Brexit success with talk of making USA great again .

— Liz Dux – S&G (@LizDuxLawyer) August 23, 2016

Brexit on steriods – Now that is a scary thought #dispatches #channel4 #trump #brexit

— Alex Martin (@AlexStrums) August 23, 2016

And as in life, not everyone on Twitter agreed.

I love Trump and America needs him, the world needs him as president. Crooked Hillary will destroy America. @Channel4. We need Trump. #Trump

— JAKE DAVIES (@ncisissick) August 23, 2016

Good news is #Trump doesn't care nor does he need to care what Channel 4 thinks about him. He will win. Watch.

— Lucy Welford (@literallylucy1) August 23, 2016

But for most, Matt’s exploration of Trump’s candidacy and potential place in the White House made for an interesting, albeit quite depressing watch.