Will they deep-six the battleship? Give the boot the boot? Or, gasp, kill the Scottie dog? Fans of the Monopoly board game have until January 31 to vote to keep their favorite playing pieces, some of which have been around since the game was introduced during the Great Depression, or replace them with newfangled options including a hashtag, monster truck or flip-flop. It is not the first time that Hasbro Inc, which sells the game in which players buy and sell real estate, has given players the option of adding new tokens. A 2013 vote saw the iron voted out and replaced by a shiny metal cat. “Only time will tell if fans will decide to stay with the classics, keep a few favorites or pick an entirely new lineup of tokens,” said Jonathan Berkowitz, a Hasbro executive, in a statement announcing the vote on Tuesday. Players can view the options at VoteMonopoly.com and the company will reveal the new pawns on March 19.